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Name Products and Services Place
Lift dźwigi osobowe Lublin Details
JPD wypożyczalnia maszyn budowlanych Lublin Details
Interior Art Studio projektowanie wnętrz Lublin Details
OSK Efekt szkoła jazdy Lublin Details
ESAPRO Business Concept Agencja Nieruchomości ESAPRO specjalizuje się w sprzedaży i wynajmie obiektów komercyjnych. Lublin Details
SIS GROUP -We professionally deal with the preparation of all documentation for PV projects. -We specialize in writing applications for grants from the EU for investments. -We are open to investors – we are preparing 30MW new PV projects. -We provide investors with solar panels and other devices Lublin Details
RUKE glass & mirrors We specialise in: - manufacturing LED, traditional, custom made mirrors, - manufacturing glass elements for interiors - manufacturing safety glass, monoglass Puławy Details
Cegielnia Hoffmanowska Cegły ceramiczne ręcznie formowane, Płytki ceglane Kraśnik Details
"SET OFF" Centrum Ubezpieczeń w Lublinie Tanie OC ubezpieczenia komunikacyjne, majątkowe i inne Lublin, ul. Czechowska 42 lokal 9 Details
Paulina Bukryj-Stoś Law Firm legal services Lublin Details
dotMedia Tomasz Czelej Spółka Jawna In our offer we have products such as: - POS materials (stickers, price tags, shelfstopper, toppers, theft detector wrappers, price stands, magnetic mats, film clips, posters on PVC) - exhibition materials (roll-ups, x-banners) - decorative materials (wall paintings, wall stickers, canvass, glass panels) - large format prints (banners, citylight posters, mesh nets, backlights), - window films (full window film, one way vision film) - car stickers Kraśnik Details
The Game Changers Why do we use experiential learning? This is essentially learning through experiences – we learn this way all through our lives. None of us generally just sits in a classroom or training room and listens to an expert if we want to master most skills, nor do we just research the theory of how to do things from a book, manual or online information source. This is specific form of learning, which is outlined in the work of David Kolb and best illustrated in the ‘Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle’ in the diagram below. Lublin Details
Sokpol-Koncentraty Sp. z o.o. juice concentrates ( apple, aronia, black currant, cherry, plum, raspberry, red currant, strawberry) purees ( apple, black currant, brocoli, carrot, cherry, onion, raspberry, strawberry) aromas ( apple, black currant, cherry red currant, raspberry, strawberry) NFC juices (apple, black currant) Zagłoba 25, 24-313 Wilków Details
Bocian Fabryka Mebli Tadeusz Bocian We produce furniture from wood, metal and MDF. Motycz koło Lublina Details
Orzeł S.A. Technologia wykorzystywana w procesie recyklingu odpowiednio wyselekcjonowanych opon polega na ich wielokrotnym mechanicznym rozdrabnianiu do wymaganej wielkości granulek. W rezultacie powstaje granulat SBR wolny od wszelkiego rodzaju zanieczyszczeń, kordu stalowego oraz tekstylnego (-0,1%). Na życzenie klienta udostępniamy certyfikaty oraz analizy fizyko-chemiczne. *ORZEL ACTIVE FINE POWDER *ORZEL POWDER *ORZEL INFILL *ORZEL BASE *KORD STALOWY *KORD TEKSTYLNY Poniatowa Details
Grupa Producentów Owoców "Polskie Jagody" Sp. z o.o. • blueberry fruit for fresh market in retail packaging ranging from 125 g to 500 g • premium blueberry fruit of Chandler variety (up to 25 mm in size) • strawberry fruit for fresh market in retail packaging ranging from 250 g to 1 kg All punnets may be lidded or and selected types may be topsealed. Labelling as requested by the Client. • blueberry fruit for processing in packaging of any size. • freshly squeezed 100% blueberry juice in 250 ml bottle or wholesale packaging (bag-in-box) Olchowiec 120 Details
TABAL - complex services for acid-resistant steel and non-ferrous metals, - CNC milling and machining, - production of embossed and engraved plates, - waterjet cutting, - system of aluminum profiles, - production of fencing panels, Lublin Details
SPÓŁDZIELNIA MLECZARSKA BIELUCH W CHEŁMIE Cream cheese, yoghurt, kefir, butter, fresh milk, curd cheese, cream, milk powder. ul. Chemiczna 4, 22-100 Chełm Details
SYMBIO POLSKA S.A. Organic food, including: frozen fruit and vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices and drinks, jams and fruit preserves, vegetable preserves, bran, cereal flakes, muesli, cookies, dried fruit, flour and bread mixes, pasta, groats, rice, legumes etc. ul. Zawieprzycka 8m, 20-228 Lublin Details
UNIVERSITY OF LIFE SCIENCES IN LUBLIN Education and research services. ul. Akademicka 13, 20-950 Lublin Details
WYRÓB I SPRZEDAŻ WAFLI HENRYK BUDA Dry and fi lled wafers. Żuków Drugi 7, 23-110 Krzczonów Details
ROZTOCZE RST Locks, hinges, locking systems, screw clamps, accessories for energy, machine, telecommunications, HVAC and automotive industry. ul. Zamojska 42A, 22-600 Tomaszów Lubelski Details
„STANCHEM” SPJ. PRZEDSIĘBIORSTWO CHEMICZNE D. KRAWCZYK I Z. MĄCZKA Non-ferrous metals, ferro-alloys, chemical raw materials for various branches of industry ul. K. Olszewskiego 12 20-481 Lublin Details
„TABAL” JAN KIDAJ MIECZYSŁAW DANIEL SPÓŁKA JAWNA Fencing systems; trade of non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, plastics; construction of machines, technological lines, embossing systems. ul. Energetyków 14, 20-468 Lublin Details
TIG-SPAW USŁUGI MONTERSKO-SPAWALNICZE SPRYCHA ARTUR Welding, assembling services. Grudź 43, 21-426 Wola Mysłowska Details
WARBO S.A. Forming tools: stamping dies, injection moulds and forging dies. Tools regeneration. Machining services: CNC milling, Spark and Wire EDM, grinding, drilling, etc. ul. Metalurgiczna 13B, 20-234 Lublin Details
WOLCO SP. Z O.O. Copper coated wire for manufacturing collated nails; brass wire for electro-drilling (EDM); fine steel wire, galvanized coated for various uses. ul. Związkowa 23, 20-148 Lublin Details
„WSK-TOMASZÓW LUBELSKI” SP. Z O.O. Precise machine cutting on CNC machines – products for aviation. ul. Łaszczowiecka 1, 22-600 Tomaszów Lubelski Details
ZAKŁAD OBRÓBKI METALI „KOMECH” Metal parts production. Al. Warszawska 125, 20-824 Lublin Details
ZAKŁAD OBRÓBKI PLASTYCZNEJ SP. Z O.O. Making high-quality forgings for aviation, energy, shipbuilding, the mechanical industry, made of alloy AL, Cu, Fe, Ti alloys. ul. Kuźnicza 13, 21-045 Świdnik Details
ZAKŁAD USŁUGOWO PRODUKCYJNY FREZ S.C. A.W. POŚPIECH All types of products manufactured from steel, balustrades, handrail, stairs and other products for modern buildings, steel. ul. Kolejowa 1, 08-500 Ryki Details
BIALCON Clothes, jewellery and accessories such as shoes, bags, scarves. ul. Celników Polskich 14, 21-500 Biała Podlaska Details
BOCIAN SP.J. TADEUSZ BOCIAN ANNA BONISZEWSKA-BOCIAN Buttons and cloth accessories, haberdashery, trimmings, craft and hobby: felt, wool, yarn, beads and jewellery components, accessories for tailors and haberdashery shops. Nowy Świat 38 20-419 Lublin Details
FHU „WOJTOL” LESZEK WOJTOWICZ Buying calf hides directly from Polish suppliers. ul. Okulickiego 59, Tomaszow Lubelski Details
GUEST COMPANY SP Z O.O. Produces the following items: jackets, coats, ‘shortie’ overcoats, skirts, trousers, blouses, dresses. ul. Skromna 3, 20-701 Lublin Details
ŁUKSJA SP. Z O.O. Toll processing. Łazy, ul. Przemysłowa 2, 21-400 Łuków Details
MEVA FASHION S.A. Manufacturer of fabrics and exclusive women’s lingerie. ul. Krzeszowska 62, 23-400 Biłgoraj Details
NIPPLEX SP. Z O.O. Lingerie. Czerśl 4, 21-400 Łuków Details
PRZEDSIĘBIORSTWO PRODUKCYJNO-HANDLOWE „KAPICA MARKET” FLORIAN KAPICA Men’s trousers: quality suit trousers; business-style five-pockettrousers; chinos style trousers, smart trousers. ul. Kościuszki 15, 23-400 Biłgoraj Details
RABARBAR Clothes, jewellery, and accessories such as shoes, bags, scarves. ul. Brzeska 37, 21-500 Biała Podlaska Details
Targi Lublin S.A. SELECTED PROJECTS EXECUTED BY LUBLIN TRADE FAIR: - AGRO-PARK Agricultural Trade Fair A renowned event, the aim of which is the presentation of modern technological solutions applied in agriculture, plant cultivation and breeding. Lublin Details
SALVE POLSKA SP. Z O.O. Small, leather goods such as wallets, phones cases, card holders, belts, cosmetic bags, calendar covers, key rings, personal organizers, conference folders and many others. We also make models according to individual customer orders. Short series available. ul. Bursaki 16C, 20-150 Lublin Details
ZAKŁAD PRODUKCJI TKANIN SP. Z O.O. Upholstery fabrics, mattress fabrics, knitted mattress fabrics. ul. Wesoła 3, 21-220 Siemień Details
ZAKŁAD PRZEMYSŁU DZIEWIARSKIEGO MTL MARCINIAK SP.J. Knitwear. ul. Długa 2, 20-346 Lublin Details
ADECCO POLAND SP. Z O.O. The company offers foreign solutions with regard to: · Recruitment and selection of permanent staff , · Recruitment of temporary staff , · Outsourcing of functions in the field of personnel management, · Direct search for key professionals, managers and executives (Direct & Executive Search), · Support of staff through the office located at the customer’s premises (On-site Management), · International Recruitment, · The review and evaluation of candidates (Assessment Center), · Assessment of the employees, determining the potential and direction of development (Development Center), · Outpl ul. Peowiaków 10/1, 20-007 Lublin Details
AGENCJA „RAKI” ROBERT PŁYWACZ Organization and operation of stage events, promotion and advertising. ul. Ludwika Zalewskiego 5, 20-492 Lublin Details
AGENCJA ROZWOJU LOKALNEGO SP. Z O.O. Organization of study visits, trips, trainings, conferences. ul. Rynek 7, 20-111 Lublin Details
AGPOL SP. Z O.O. Customs Services. ul Energetyków 24, 20-468 Lublin Details
ART-BRUK MONIKA CHOŁODY Construction services (specialized in cobblestone). Miłocin 40A, 24-150 Nałęczów Details
ART & DECO POŻAROWSKI WALDEMAR INTERIOR DESIGN: a set of flat, dimensioned and described design, specification of the price and quantity of materials, projections of selected walls, niches and platforms with the axes of sanitary facilities, location and possible radiator heating zones, plan floors and plinths with a list of materials, 3D visualizations. GARDEN DESIGN: conceptual garden designs, projects of greenery around companies and institutions, catalogue and care method for the proposed vegetation. ul. 11 Listopada 21, 21-400 Łuków Details
ASSA SP. Z O.O. Advice and customs services. ul. Hutnicza 3, 22-100 Chełm Details
BIALCON CLUB We provide catering services, organize meetings, conferences, training courses, wedding receptions and other celebrations. ul. Celników Polskich 14, 21-500 Biała Podlaska Details
BIZNESKLASA PAWEŁ DURKA Advertising materials (clothes, tools, printing materials etc.), marketing services (events, website creation, Internet advertising, hosting). ul. Krokusowa 5/24, 24-320 Poniatowa Details
BRAD HR SERVICES Recruitment, Executive Search, Direct Search, Assessment, Outplacement, HR Administration, Accounting Service, Personnel and Payroll Services, Personal Data Administration. ul. Okopowa 20 Ap. 3, 20-022 Lublin Details
COMERNET SP. Z O.O. Job-printing. ul. Ceramiczna 24, 20-150 Lublin Details
CONSULTOR SP. Z O.O. Services: the trainings and certification of competencies, the trainings financed from the European Union founds, commercial trainings, personnel consultancy, employment agency (employment consulting, HR consultancy, job placement service). ul. Droga Męczenników Majdanka 74, 20-325 Lublin Details
DAKRO SP. Z O.O. Towbars, off-road accessories, railers, roofracks. ul. Nałęczowska 73, 20-701 Lublin Details
DWÓR SANNA Hotel services/restaurant services. Wierzchowiska Drugie 163, 23-310 Modliborzyce Details
EUROPA S.A. Accommodation, dining and conference services. Krakowskie Przedmieście 29, 20-002 Lublin Details
GIEŁDA EVENTÓW ELZBIETA FIJOŁEK Business associations, marketing, sponsoring, events’ web portal, advertising. Gałęzów 14, 23-100 Bychawa Details
GOŚCINIEC MAGNAT Hotel/restaurant/events/catering services, training and conferences, guided tours, wedding receptions Kalinowice 187, 22-400 Zamość Details
GRUPA HOTELI WAM SP. Z O.O. Accommodation, Food&Beverages. ul. Spadochroniarzy 9, 20-043 Lublin Details
HAIRDRESSING SALONS AKADEMIA WIZERUNKU Woman’s and man’s haircut, styling hair, perm, haircare, hair treatment, coloring hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure, henna, facials and many more. ul. Zana 32B, 20-601 Lublin Details
HOTEL - RESTAURACJA JEDLINA Accommodation and gastronomy. Motycz 331, 21-030 Motycz Details
HOTEL CARSKIE KOSZARY Accommodation and restaurant services. ul. Koszary 11, 22-400 Zamość Details
HOTEL KRÓLEWSKI Hotel services, restaurant services, organization of holiday, business meetings, active recreation. ul. Turystyczna 14, 23-300 Janów Lubelski Details
HOTEL PAŁAC CIELEŚNICA The hotel offers accommodation and catering services; organizes meetings, conferences, training courses, wedding receptions and other celebrations. Cieleśnica 22, 21-504 Rokitno Details
HOTEL RESTAURACJA BROWAR LWÓW Hotel, restaurant. ul. Bronowicka 2, 20-301 Lublin Details
HOTEL SENATOR*** Hotel accommodation services; restaurant; catering; conferences; tourist Information; services for the group of tourists; wedding receptions; company events. Rynek Solny 4, 22-400 Zamość Details
INKUBATOR TECHNOLOGICZNY MARKIZ SP. Z O.O. Technology Incubator provides assistance to companies assumed as novice traders. This help includes: preferential rental terms for those renting offi ce space along with appropriate infrastructure, access to expertly furnished rooms, mentoring, technical assistance in law, marketing, finance and accounting, access to training and meeting rooms. Moreover, all entrepreneurs have access to a virtual office that is able to register their own company at Technology Incubator. It also provides a wide range of other services for businesses. ul. Romów 8, 24-100 Puławy Details
INTROGRAF LUBLIN S.A. Printed folding cartons and leaflets for pharmaceutical, cosmetics and FMGC industries. ul. Vetterów 22, 20-277 Lublin Details
KDM DARIUSZ MAZUR Sale, rental and service of specialized equipment for geotechnical and water engineering and deep foundations. Vibro hammers, excavator mounted vibro hammers, hydraulic pressing machines piling and drilling rigs with accessories, hydraulic hammers, multi - purpose drilling rigs, high - pressure pumps, mixers and batching plants for cement slurries, drilling tools. ul. Kolejowa 16, 05-816 Michałowice Details
LUXMED MEDICAL CENTER SP. Z O.O. Specialist clinics, laboratory tests, X-ray labs, ultrasonography, endoscopy, occupational medicine, rehabilitation, prophylactic vaccinations, stomatology. Radziwiłłowska 5 Street, 20-080 Lublin Details
MEDICAL CENTER ORTO-OPTYMIST Medical services, dental services. ul. Jana Sawy 9, 20-632 Lublin Details
MEGATEM EC-LUBLIN SP. Z O.O. Thermal energy, electric power. ul. Mełgiewska 7-9, 20-952 Lublin Details
NA ROGATCE HOTEL Accommodation, dining, conference service, catering, organization of meetings and celebrations. ul. Sielankowa 1, 20-802 Lublin Details
NADBUŻAŃSKI KOMPLEKS WYPOCZYNKOWY Training / swimming pool / jacuzzi / sauna. ul. Sadowa 14, 21-500 Biała Podlaska Details
PAIZ KONSULTING SP. Z O.O. Trainings, consulting services, the EU funded project management. ul. Północna 129., 20-818 Lublin Details
PRACOWNIA USŁUGOWA OCHRONY ŚRODOWISKA KALMAT – MARIAN KALISZUK Drafting and completing of documents required for environmental decision to be obtained, development case studies documents, measure of pollution, accredited services, others. ul. Kruczkowskiego 4, 21-500 Biała Podlaska Details
PROTEKT NIERUCHOMOŚCI ADAM MIRECKI Advisory, Management, Realtor. ul. Lipowa 11/2, 20-020 Lublin Details
PRZYSTANEK KAWĘCZYNEK RESORT, DOROTA KICYK Catering and food services, hotel services. Kawęczynek 35 22-470 Zwierzyniec Details
RUSZTOWANIA CHRZANOWSKI ROMAN CHRZAWNOWSKI Assembly, dismantling and renting of scaff olds. Al. Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego 13, 24-110 Puławy Details
SUKCES SP Z O.O. Customs services, warehousing services, shipping services. ul. Chemiczna 5c, 22-100 Chełm Details
SYNTEA SA The trainings and certification of competences, interships and placements,employment consulting. ul. Wojciechowska 9a, 20-704 Lublin Details
TARGI LUBLIN S.A. Economic, promotion, trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses, branch conferences, other events. ul. Dworcowa 11, 20-406 Lublin Details
TEZET S.A. Wholesale of LPG, deliveries to LPG stations, deliveries to heating and process systems, distribution of gas-containing cylinders, technical service. ul. Puławska 38, 20-822 Lublin Details
THREE-STAR HOTEL DWÓR CHOINY Hotel services, restaurant services, catering services. Kazimierzówka 11A, 21-040 Świdnik Details
ZAKŁAD FIZJOTERAPII I MASAŻU BIO-RELAX Rehabilitation, neurology, orthopedics, psychology, speech therapy, sensory integration, occupational medicine. ul. Zielona 28a, 24-100 Puławy Details
4 IDEA SP Z. O.O. Marketing management, counselling, human resources managment. Recruitment, legal advice (in particular legal aspects of computing, copyright law, protection of personal data). Advice on obtaining support from the EU funds and project management, start up business development strategies, business trainings (personal development, management skills and sales training), language courses, opinion polls. Hutnicza Street 3, 20-218 Lublin Details
EAST METALWORKING CLUSTER Innovation support, b2b cooperation. ul. Szewska 4, 20-086 Lublin Details
FUNDACJA ROZWOJU LUBELSZCZYZNY Preparation of grant applications, local development strategies, feasibility studies, business plans, village recovery plans, presumptions for plans to supply heat, electricity and gas fuels, financial and economic analyses, counseling within the scope of financing of an economic activity or planning of the controlling system, vocational trainings, training and consultancy in management of human resources, organization of forums, seminars and conferences. ul. Droga Męczenników Majdanka 181, I p. 20-325 Lublin Details
LUBLIN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Business support. ul. Dobrzańskiego 3, 20-262 Lublin Details
ASSECO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS S.A. Mobile solutions (SFA) for the management of mobile workforce in the field, ERP systems for the support of business processes in medium-sized and large enterprises, HRM applications for handling operations in HR and payroll, Factoring solutions for a comprehensive handling of factoring transactions, Commercial Data Exchange Platforms (between the producers and commercial partners), SME soft ware intended for the management of SMEs. ul. Konrada Wallenroda 4c, 20-607 Lublin Details
ATUT SP. Z O.O. Laboratory and measuring equipment for air control and measurement of industrial gases. ul. Wiktora Ziółkowskiego 26, 20-834 Lublin Details
AVANT FABRYKA PORCELITU Ceramic mugs, mugs with advertising imprints, other ceramic goods. ul. Spacerowa 5, 24-220 Niedrzwica Kościelna Details
BIURO PODRÓŻY I TURYSTYKI „ALMATUR-LUBLIN” SP. Z O.O. Travels. ul. Langiewicza 10, 20-034 Lublin Details
CARMEN SP.J. ANETA ZDYB WOJCIECH KITAJEWSKI Products. ul. Choiny 7, 20-816 Lublin Details
DG-INWEST DANIEL GAWRYCZUK Leasing, credit, investment, insurance. ul. Sadowa 14, 21-500 Biała Podlaska Details
DRUKARNIA EMBE PRESS S. BEZDEK, M. MAMCZARZ SP.J. Flexography and offset printing of packaging materials on paper, plastics and aluminium, for direct and indirect contact with food and other products ul. Tokarska 9, 20-210 Lublin Details
EAST STUDIO SP. Z O.O. Commercials, promotional films, corporation videos, music videos, animations and others. ul. Sławinkowska 124, 20-810 Lublin Details
ECHO-SON SA Ultrasound scanners. Krańcowa 5, 24-100 Puławy Details
EKO-EFEKT SP. Z O.O. Laboratory filtration materials, humidity metres, measuring instruments for personal worker protection e.g. gas detectors, personal dust meters, industrial dust measurement devices. ul. Bolesława Prusa 8, 20-064 Lublin Details
GLASS FACTORY „MARTA 2” LTD Handmade glassware such as: vases, bowls, tumblers, wine glasses, candleholders, etc. 64 Jagiellońska Street, 22-100 Chełm Details
KANCELARIA DORADZTWA PODATKOWEGO GRAŻYNA GAWRYCZUK Accounting / Tax Consultans. ul. Sadowa 14, Biała Podlaska 21-500 Details
KUL CREATIVE SP. Z O.O. Education, research and transfer of knowledge, project development services to large companies, SMEs and the local community. al. Racławickie 14, 20-950 Lublin Details
LUBELSKIE PRZEDSIĘBIORSTWO ENERGETYKI CIEPLNEJ SA District heating [pol. Ciepło Systemowe]. In addition to the distribution of heat, the company also offers comprehensive heating-related and transportation services. ul. Puławska 28, 20-822 Lublin Details
LUBELSKI WĘGIEL BOGDANKA S.A. Hard coal. Bogdanka, 21-013 Puchaczów Details
LUBLIN CONSULTANCE CENTRE SP. Z O.O. Solutions for business training and development, implementation project (commercial and co-financed by the EU), business consulting services (especially-trade, transport.logistics, energy). The main trade and energy consultancy projects LCC is involved in focus on delivering natural resources such as: coal, oil, gas, biomass and phosphates used in energy, heat and chemical production. We work in energy investment consultancy and finance solutions that are required to support these global trade and investment activities. ul. Dobrzańskiego 3, 20-262 Lublin Details
LUBLIN MUSIC THEATRE Theatrical plays, concerts. ul. Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 5, 20-331 Lublin Details
MAIK AGENCJA REKLAMOWA JANUSZ BABICZ BARBARA TYNECKA-BABICZ SP.J. Large-format printing, advertising services, promotional campaigns, billboards. ul. Inżynierska 8p, 20-484 Lublin Details
MUSI LUBLIN SPÓŁKA Z O.O. Designing, manufacturing and sale of orthopaedic goods and rehabilitation equipment, rendering non-industrial services. ul. Magnoliowa 2, 20-143 Lublin Details
PIEKARNIA PIECZYWA, BUŁEK I PITY DO KEBABÓW, GYROSÓW I SHAWERMY Arabic bread, kebab, gyro bakery. ul. Smyczkowa 4/229 20-844 Lublin Details
PRACOWNIA REKLAMY ADAM SYRTÓW Printing of billboards, banners, meshes, films, UV printing, outdoor and indoor advertising production (coff ers, backlit LED 3D letters etc.) car wrapping, production of billboards. ul. Rolnicza 18, 22-600 Tomaszów Lubelski Details
STELLA PACK S.A. Garbage bags, kitchen foils, baking papers and roasting films, lunch and freeze bags, gloves, microfibre products, household clothes and sponges. ul. Krańcowa 67 21-100 Lubartów Details
SZKOŁY „PADEREWSKI” W LUBLINIE /PADEREWSKI SCHOOLS OF LUBLIN Primary School, Lower-Secondary school, Secondary School. 20-853 Lublin ul. Symfoniczna 1 Details
THE JOHN PAUL II CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF LUBLIN (KUL) Education, research and transfer of knowledge, project development services to large companies, SMEs and the local community. Al. Racławickie 14 20-950 Lublin Details
ULTRA-MED SP. Z O.O. Surgical instruments, supports/orthoses, power instruments, medical machinery service. J. Kossaka 49 20-358 Lublin Details
VENA ART SP. Z O.O. Tactical marketing, marketing consultancy, strategic planning, creation (creative development), organising production (TV, radio, printed materials), media (planning, buying, management of public relations, graphics design, video production (production house), ICT production. ul. Projektowa 1 20-447 Lublin Details
P.H.U. "GEO" sp. z.o. W ofercie handlowej posiadamy również GEO-STEVIA STEVIOL GLIKOZYDOWY 95% słodzik stołowy 300-krotnie słodszy niż cukier. Naturalny słodzik stołowy przeznaczony dla diabetyków i osób zdrowie, przydatny w każdego rodzaju dietach. Lubelskie Details
VERANO RYSZARD MIAZGA Elegant ECO-innovative trench, wall-mounted, free-standing convector heaters and cooling units. Vetterów 7a, 20-277 Lublin Details
WYSPA WISLA Organization of business meetings, conferences, seminars, events. ul. Rekreacyjna 1 08-540 Stezyca Details
ZRZESZENIE PRODUCENTÓW ZBÓŻ „AGRO” W TELATYNIE Cereal plants: wheat, barley. ul. Jana Pawła II 11 22-652 Telatyn Details
MALINEX Tools for rotary drilling, extraction tools, pneumatic fittings, parts and tools for electrical engineering, quick connectors for industry, hand tools, milling, CNC turning, drilling, TIG/MIG, mag welding. 21-010 Łęczna, Stadionowa 21A Details
OSKO–PLAST S. C. Combine harvester sieves, sprayer and combine parts, ladder fitting, sliding gates hardware, CAD/CAM design. 08-500 Ryki, Stara Dąbia 9 Details
ODLEWNIA ŻELIWA LUBLIN SP. Z O.O. Castings made of grey cast iron and nodular cast iron. 20-209 Lublin, ul. Frezerów 13 Details
LUBSTA SP. Z O.O. Steel structures for industries. 20-340 Lublin, ul. Garbarska 18 Details
LAB TEST SP. Z O.O. Metallographic tests of steel, cast iron and welded joints, strength tests, hardness tests; chemical and physico-chemical tests in the field of: research on chemical composition, chemical designation of steel and cast iron by atomic emission spectrometry; determination of the carbon content in steel and cast iron products by coulometric method; the tests of corrosion resistance of paint coatings and electroplating; coal and biomass laboratory tests. 20-209 Lublin, ul. Frezerów 13 Details
SŁAWEX Frames for garden furniture (table legs, bench legs, armchair legs, etc.), garden furniture(beer sets, wide range of folding tables, chairs, armchairs etc.), transport trolleys, wheel-barrows, central heating boilers, other steel products. The company offers a wide range of construction materials. 22-600 Tomaszów Lubelski. ul. Łaszczowiecka 14 Details
CONSULTRIX Personal protection. 20-209 Lublin, ul. Projektowa 1 Details
HYDROTECH Hydraulic power feeders, cylinders, Conduits, coupling elements, quick couplings, pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic dividers, valves, filters, manometres. 20-509 Lublin, Janowska 7c Details
WSPÓŁPRACA SPÓŁKA Z O.O. Lifting equipment with hydraulic power, workshop presses, workshop cranes, special cranes and devices if ordered. 20-211 Lublin, ul Gospodarcza 34 Details
WIKPOL SP. Z O.O. Wikpol Sp. z o.o. is an engineering company providing automation services to support manufacturing processes. 21-030 Motycz , Konopnica 208b Details
UNI-MASZ H.M. JUSZCZUK SP.J. Manufacturing of fruit and vegetable processing machines. 21-002 Jastków Panieńszczyzna, ul. Chmielowa 6 Details
MASZ-ZAP LTD. We offer complete overhauls of the following equipment: rotary compressors, piston compressors, screw compressors, power turbines and small capacity industrial turbines, single- and multi-stage rotary pumps, plunger pumps, multi-piston pumps, fans and ventilators, centrifuges and decanters, industrial fittings up to DN 1000, including acceptance at a RIG (hydraulic test up to 60 MPa, air test up to 45 MPa including inspection and setting of safety valves) 24-110 Puławy ,Al. tysiąclecia państwa polskiego 13 Details
„SPOMASZ” BEŁŻYCE S.A. Machines and devices for food processing industry, food processing and industrial heat exchangers, stainless steel treatment. 24-200 Bełżyce, ul. Fabryczna 2 Details
SIPMA S.A. Agricultural machinery: disc mowers, rakes, cultivating aggregates, round balers, bale wrapping machines, self loading and staking trailers, front loaders, bale shredders, square balers, slurry tankers, fertilizer distributors, manure spreaders, grain crushers, agricultural trailers, power take-off (PTO) shafts, wide angle PTO shafts, original spare parts. 20-469 Lublin, ul. Budowlana 26 Details
SIGMA S.A. Air ventilators, belt conveyors, underwall chain conveyors, dust collectors, sorting lines, wind turbines 21-002 Jastków (k/Lublina) , Barak 6 Details
„RAPA” S. MIĘDLAR W. I I. SZYMAŃSCY SP.J. Refrigeration devices and bakery shelving. 20-149 Lublin, ul. Ceramiczna 9 Details
PRZEDSIĘBIORSTWO CONCEPT STAL B&S LEJMAN SPÓŁKA JAWNA Roll-forming and cutting metal sheet. 22-100 Chełm, ul. Okszowska 71 Details
NOTA-PRECISION ENGINEERING COMPANY Diamond, CBN and TC tools, such as dies, wheels, inserts, plates, drills, etc. 20-484 Lublin, ul. Inżynierska 8L Details
MULTI FRIGO SP. Z O.O. Design, development, consulting, services. 20-836 Lublin, ul. Bursaki 18 Details
MEGA SP. Z O.O. Complete processing food lines. 24-200 Bełżyce, ul. Przemysłowa 52 Details
LUBELSKIE FABRYKI WAG FAWAG S.A. Scales. 20-954 Lublin, ul. Łęczyńska 58 Details
LUBELSKA WYTWÓRNIA DŹWIGÓW OSOBOWYCH LIFT SER VICE S.A. Passenger and goods lifts with hydraulic or electric drive, lift shafts of self-supporting structure, lift control units, assemblies and components for various type of lifts. 20-722 Lublin, ul.Roztocze 6 Details
KRYSTIAN PPH Machinery for confectioning hygienic papers, for the market of manufacturers of toilet paper and paper towels; CNC machining, laser cutting. 20-418 Lublin, ul. Nowy Świat 42 Details
DELTA-TECHNIKA SP. Z O.O Compressors, welding machines, valves, cylinders, pneumatic components. 20-445 Lublin, ul. Zemborzycka 112G Details
TECHZUT SP. Z O.O. Plastic products for various types of branches e.g. medical, electronics, agricultural, heating industries. 20-703 Lublin, ul. Cisowa 9 Details
PARTNER CHEM MARIUSZ MAJKA Plastic resins eg. HDPE, LDPE, PP • Water treatment chemicals: manganese ore • Food additives: vitamin C, citric acid, sodium citrate etc. • pharmaceutical and cosmetic raw materials: glycerin, lanolin, SLES etc • industrial chemicals for agriculture, tanning companies, glassware factories, lubricants etc. • Italian wines IGT, DOC, DOCG • Italian coffee BRAVI CAFFE. 20-305 Lublin, ul. Składowa 23 Details
MIRPOL SP. Z O.O. Product based on humic acids (humac argo, humac natur afm). 23-107 Strzyżewice, Strzyżewice 165 A Details
MERPOL SP.J. Coolant anti-freeze fluids for refrigeration, heat transfer installations, solar collectors, heat pumps. 20-346 Lublin, ul. Długa 5 Details
HANYANG POLSKA SP. Z O.O. Furniture parts, electronic components, household goods, painting articles. 21-040 Świdnik, ul. Chemiczna 1 Details
GRICARD-POLSKA SP. Z O.O Cleaning products under the band name: GRITE. 20-340 Lublin, ul.Garbarska 16 Details
AKPOL ADAM KUŚ 1. High density polyethylene (hd pe) granules. 2. Polypropylene granules (pp). 3. Purchase of waste plastics. 23-230 Trzydnik Duży Rzeczyca , Ziemiańska 206/5 Details
AGRO-POLI SP. Z O.O. Polypropylene yarn and sacks. 23-206 Stróża Kolonia k/ Kraśnika, ul. Brzozowa 4 Details
SKINPOL SP. Z O.O. Furniture and interior decoration and hand-formed wall bricks.Countries in which the company’s products are sold: Poland, Ukraine, Belgium. Countries from which the products are imported: Europe, Asia (furniture, decorations, hand-formed wall bricks). 20-328 Lublinl, ul. L. Herc 50 Details
PRODUKCJA MEBLI MEBLOTAP SP. Z O.O. Production and sale of furniture. 22-100 Chełm, ul. Rampa Brzeska 5 Details
KOMANDOR LUBLIN S.A. Sliding wardrobes, tailor-made furniture, furniture for hotels and office, movable partition walls. 20-445 Lublin, ul. Zemborzycka 57b Details
KARTONEX SPÓŁKA Z O.O. Cardboard boxes, sacks from paper. 22-300 Krasnystaw, ul. Leśna 4b Details
BRACIA MROZIK SP. Z O.O. Manufacturer of natural veneers (regular offer includes beech, oak, alder, ash wood veneers), wooden pellets and edge bandings. The company offers sliced veneer faces and custom cutting from the provided materials. 22-650 Łaszczów (pow. tomaszów lubelski), ul. Lwowska 31 Details
BLACK RED WHITE S.A. A wide variety of furniture and home furnishings e.g. home furniture, kitchens, bedrooms, dining room furniture, upholstered furniture and mattresses. 23-400 Biłgoraj, ul. Krzeszowska 63 Details
BIM SP. Z O.O. A wide variety of furniture products: home furniture, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, upholstered furniture, individual projects, non-standard orders etc. 23-400 Biłgoraj, ul. Nadstawna 12a Details
Z.P. H.U. RYDWAN TADEUSZ OSIAK Tarpaulins, trailers, trailer service 08-500 Ryki, Stary Bazanów 3 Details
USŁUGI PRZEWOZOWE AUTOKAR HETMAN Passenger transport/ travel. 20-553 Lublin, ul. Hetmanska 12/49 Details
TRANSPOL RUDNIK & PAWLISZUK SP.J. Reloading of cargo transported by rail from Ukraine and storage services. 22-100 Chełm, Wschodnia 27 Details
ROBERT SAJNAJ – LUTUR International coach transport, tour operator. Buses for 19 and 22 passengers – Honker Bus; Off -road vehicles 4WD (GVW by 3,5 t ) – Honker 4x4 20-301 Lublin, ul. Fabryczna 15/11 Details
GUMET Rubber and metal rubber parts, gaskets, seals, dampers, etc. steel balls printing dies for cardboards, Braille embossing tools. 23-200 Krasnik, ul. Kolejowa 12 Details
FABRYKA SAMOCHODÓW HONKER SP. Z O.O. Commercial vehicles (GVW by 3,5 t and 4,6t ) – Honker Cargo Buses for 19 and 22 passengers – Honker Bus; Off -road vehicles 4WD (GVW by 3,5 t ) – Honker 4x4. 20-952 Lublin, ul. Mełgiewska 7/9. Details
DANELCZYK MAREK DANELCZYK & WŁADYSŁAW DANELCZYK S.J. Sales of Volkswagen automobiles, original VW acessories and original VW parts, professional car repairs. 21-040 Świdnik, ul. Piasecka 16 Details
CARSYSTEM-WSCHÓD PHUP Car refinish products and industrial coatings. 23-210 Kraśnik, al. Niepodległości 7b Details
BIURO DORADCZE PLUS ANDRZEJ PRYZOWICZ WGs Injectors – LPG injectors. 20-418 Lublin, ul. Nowy Świat 32 Details
AUTO-NADWOZIA BEDNARCZYK SP.J. Truck and trailer body building. 24-200 Bełżyce, Wojcieszyn 50c Details
TRYKACZ Concrete precast, stone elements: tiles, slabs, cut to size stones. 21-100 Lubartów, Łukca 139 Details
WYROBY METALOWE ŚWIERSZCZ Steel construction. 21-100 Lubartów, Kol.Skrobów 104 Details
SPART SP. Z O.O. Structures for solar collectors and photovoltaic cells, steel structures, supporting structures for refrigeration, railings, stainless steel railings. 21-500 Biała Podlaska, Sławacinek Stary 146 Details
ROAD LABORATORY DYREKCJA INWESTYCJI MIEJSKICH SP. Z O.O. TESTING: asphalt, bitumen, soil, gravel and concentrate. 20-150 Lublin, ul. Ceramiczna 24 Details
RECYKLING-LUBLIN SP. Z O.O. Soil stabilization with cement, lime, and fly ash. 20-150 Lublin, ul. Ceramiczna 24 Details
PW VIKKING KTS SP. Z O.O. Composite entrance doors. 21-500 Biała Podlaska, Aleja Solidarności 4 Details
PUMAR Aluminium and PVC windows, doors, facades. 08-500 Ryki, ul. Warszawska 3A Details
PROZAP SP. Z O.O. The basic scope of the company’s activities is related to designing and revamping of chemical plants, general and municipal construction, managing procurement and acting as an EPC concractor.PROZAP services cover a complete investment life cycle: from an idea, through designs and engineering to supplies and plant erection, extending ever futher to management and supervision over start-up and as-built documentation, according to individual requirements of each customer. 24-110 Puławy, Al. 1000-lecia Państwa Polskiego 13 Details
PROXIM Fiberglass mesh, mesh strips for corners, building foils, roofing membranes. 20-328 Lublin, ul. Lucyny Herc 52 Details
PPUH RAPID SP. Z O.O. Renewable energy sources, solar energy systems, photovoltaics,boilers, heat pumps, biomass, wind turbines. 21-500 Biała Podlaska, ul. Prosta 7 Details
POL-SKONE SP. Z O.O. Interior doors and door leaves (painted, coated, veneered and laminated); technical doors (noise reduction and fire resistant ), exterior doors, wooden windows, frames, door and floor architraves and shutters. 20-001 Lublin, ul. Lucyny Herc 8 Details
OKNA TERMICZNE SP. Z O.O. PVC windows and doors, sliding windows and doors, stained glass doors and others. 23-200 Kraśnik, ul.Kolejowa 47 Details
MTM NOWUM SP. Z O.O. Building and construction services. 20-518 Lublin, ul. Krężnicka 135 B Details
MOSTOSTAL PUŁAWY S.A. General Contractor, Construction and Assembly Services, Welding Services, Crane Services, Export Services, Anti-corrosion services, Non-destructive Tests Laboratory, Office Design, Technical Equipmen. 24-110 Puławy-Azoty, ul. Budowlanych 5 Details
MODESTA LIMITED JOINT-STOCK PARTNERSHIP LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY Fire-resistant doors; burglar-proof doors; aluminium windows, doors and facades; garage and industrial doors, automated garage door opening systems. 20-712 Lublin, ul. Parysa 70 Details
GRADEN SP. Z O.O. New apartments, flats, service and commercial rooms. 20-079 Lublin, ul. Dolna 3-go Maja 3 Details
INWENT PIOTR ZOLKOWSKI Air handling units with automatic and monitoring system. 20-388 Lublin, Abramowice Prywatne 172 Details
INSTAL-LUBLIN S. A. Design and assembly of ventilation, air conditioning, heating, technological, industrial and sanitary systems for industry, energetics, in office blocks, commercial and public facilities. 20-328 Lublin, ul. Anny Walentynowicz 9 Details
HABER ENERGIA Low voltage up to 6300A and medium voltage up to 24kV switchgear systems and power cubicals, busbars. 22-100 Chełm, ul. Wyszyńskiego 2B Details
ENERGOSERWIS S.A. LUBLIN Coal, RDF and biomass fired steam and water boilers and water treatment plants for power plants, industrial and municipal heat and power plants and heat plants. Complete units for heat and power plants and heat plants as turnkey projects. 20-210 Lublin, ul. Tokarska 6 Details
ELEKTROMONTAŻ - LUBLIN SP. Z O.O. Prefabricated container transformer substations in concrete and metal housing, MV and LV cable joints, MV and LV switchgears, electrical rail lines, forming of metal sheets, design services and electrical installations. 20-447 Lublin, ul. Diamentowa 1 Details
EKO-SANIT D.GRZYBOWSKI SP.J. Sale of air conditioning units, VRV, VRF, DVM systems, chillers, condensing units, close control units. Sale of ventilation units: ventilators, AHUs, ducts and ventilation accessories. We offer the maintenance of air-conditioning and ventilation installation units. 20-413 Lublin, ul. Piaskowa 23 Details
ECO-ENERGIA SP. Z O.O. Distribution, planning, advisory, service, turnkey projects Offered products/services: Eco-energia company is engaged in the complex process of construction and implementation of photovoltaic systems, small wind turbines and hybrid systems. We provide complete systems for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources as well as individual components. ul. Wojciechowska 7, 20-704 Lublin Details
DROGMOST LUBELSKI SP. Z O.O. Project of roads and bridges, water, sewage and gas systems, ventilation; environmental impact reports; technological expert reports; bridges and culverts. Lublin, ul. Wrotkowska 1B Details
CEGIELNIA CEKOBUD The genuine handmade brick. Stróża, Słodków Pierwszy 173 Details
AWK INSTALACJE SP. Z O.O. SP.K. Comprehensive service including delivery, installation and maintenance of HVAC systems, specifically air conditioning, ventilation, heating and control systems in all technologies available in a wide variety of objects. Lublin, ul. Piaskowa 23 Details
ASKO PCV panels, PVC Soffit, PVC film, PMMA film. Lublin, ul. Metalurgiczna 17G Details
ARDOSSALE ARTUR UJAZDOWSKI modular, panelled, overhead ceilings and the ceiling systems of the following type: ARMSTRONG, OWA, AMF THERMATEX, TBS and others. Puławy, Wólka Gołębska 1 Details
ALIPLAST SP. Z O.O. Aluminium system for windows, doors, sliding elements, curtain walls, roof systems. Lublin,Wacława Maritza 3 Details
ENERGOZAM OPEL dealership, PLUS mobile telephony network, BLISKA petrol station, energy meters. Zamość, ul. Zagłoby 5 Details
TELBIAL SP Z O.O. Offered products/services: Directional drilling under roads, rivers, railways and areas with a high density of underground infrastructure. Biała Podlaska, ul. Brzeska 134 Details
WEBCHILI SP Z O.O. Offered products/services: Internet Aplications: Workflow and Business Process management, Integration Platforms, B2B, Transport management, Knowledge management. Lublin, Al. Wincentego Witosa 16 Details
TELCOMWORLD Offered products/services: Cooper structured and fibre optic cabling systems, cabling system accessories, telecommunications servers, CCTV products, Bluetooth products, network accessories. Lublin, ul. Turystyczna 38 Details
SIM SP Z O.O. Offered products/services:Complex solutions within the telecommunications and IT domains, we are a manufacturer of tactical solutions for call logging on almost all ty pes of lines (analogue, digital, IP), we are a constructor and a manufacturer of BMS and BEMS systems. Our system DOMATIQ is advanced solution for intelligent building automation. Lublin, ul. Stefczyka 34 Details
SOLET SP Z O.O. Offered products/services: Business Intelligence Expert Systems, Big Data Controlling Models. Lublin, Al. Wincentego Witosa 16 Details
QUARAL Offered products/services: Computer graphics 2D/3D / Creation of advertising banners / websites / multimedia presentations / logotypes / corporate identity. Łucka Kolonia 83F Details
STRUCTUM Offered products/services: Civil engineering, IT services, software, construction materials. Lublin, Niepodległości 30/59 Details
SLIMLED KRYSTIAN SP Z O.O. Offered products/services: SlimLED light fixtures and lighting systems based on LED technology. Lublin, Nowy Świat 42 Details
JATECH RAFAŁ LACHOWSKI Offered products/services: Lighting fixtures equipped with LED Chip On Board light source and a microwave motion sensor. Lublin, ul. Wojciechowska 9 Details
INFINITE SP Z O.O. Offered products/services: IT solutions for B2B integration including: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Sales Force Automation (SFA), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Technical Support Lublin. ul. Projektowa 1 Details
GIS-EXPERT SP Z O.O. Offered products/services: • Development and implementation of dedicated GIS based soft ware solutions supporting the space management processes • Research and analyses with the use of GIS tools • Audits and pre-and-post-evaluation reports on local and regional space information systems •Specialized training and consulting services in the area of GIS solutions. Lublin, ul. Vetterów 1 Details
ELPAR SP Z O.O. Offered products/services: telecommunications, signal, control, mining, automotive, halogen-free, installation cables. Parczew, ul. Laskowa 1 Details
EFACTOR SP Z O.O. Offered products/services: Game-based learning, Online assessment/development center, dedicated services. Lublin, ul. Związkowa 26 Details
DAMIKO SC Offered products/services: IT Infrastructure Management Services, Business Process Development, Web-based and Mobile Applications, Consulting Services, Remote Services, Mobile Solutions. Countries in which the company’s products are sold: Poland, Slovakia, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands. Lublin, Wojciechowska 5A, Details
COMARCH Offered products/services: Solutions for managing marketing activities, for document and process management, for managing employee motivation to support the sales and distribution, a platform for rapid and secure exchange of electronic data, IT services offered to all sectors contributing to economy (data center, Integration & Outsourcing, IT netw orks). Mobile and web applications for banking, insurance and capital markets. Core systems for banking, insurance and capital markets. Lublin, Rusałka 17A Details
BITSTREAM Off ered products/services: Industrial switches, converters, telecommunications testers, optical multiplexers, electrical multiplexers, measurement and control units Lublin, Mełgiewska 7/9 Details
BEiKS MACHULSKI Offered products/services: Our company is an authorized dealer for the biggest producers of video equipment in the world. We are Panasonic, Sony and Canon dealers in consumer, professional and broadcast range of products. We also off er products made in Poland such as LED lights, stabilization systems and sliders. Kraśnik, Pogodna 3 Details
ANTARA IT SYSTEMS Web applications, desktop soft ware, website design, E-commerce systems, CRM systems, Online reservation systems, Mobile applications development. Lublin , Dobrzańskiego 1 Details
LUBELLA SP. Z O.O. SP. K. Pasta, flour, breakfast cereals, cornflakes, groats, salty sticks, sauces, dishes. Lublin, Wrotkowska 1 Details
KALGRUP SP. Z O.O. Onions, carrots, apples, caulifl owers, broccoli, cabbage. Steniatyn-Kolonia 31 Details
JMP GOSPODARSTWO OGRODNICZE MARIA I JAROSLAW PTASZEK Rose, anthurium and orchids grower. Stężyca ul. Zielona 48 Details
HERBAR SP. Z O.O. Purchase, processing and selling of herbs. Production of birch juice. Milejów ul. Partyzancka 11 Details
F.P.H.U. KRAWPAK Food packaging, production of cookies (biscuits, wafers). Rogóźno Kolonia 29 Details
FABRYKA CUKIERKÓW PSZCZÓŁKA SP. Z O.O. Caramels, filled and hard, all kinds of fillings and flavours and caramels covered with chocolate. Lublin Krochmalna 13i Details
EKO OWOC SP. Z O.O. Fresh and frozen berries, stone fruit and vegetables. Godziszów, Godziszów Pierwszy 330 Details
CUKIERENKA U WALENTYNKI Production and sale of cakes, layer cakes, cookies. Biała Podlaska, ul. Górna 58a Details
CHŁODNIA-MORS SP. Z O.O. Deep frozen fruit and vegetables; cold storage service. Zamość, ul. Kilińskiego 83 Details
AS-BABUNI SP. Z O.O. Company producing noodles, pasta, groats and grits, pet noodles and wafers. Niemce, ul. Różana 37 Details
AQUA EAST SP. Z O.O. Spring water for future mothers, breastfeeding women and for children from their infancy Ruda-Huta ul. Niepodległości 2 Details
ANDALUSIA SP. Z O.O. Zeolite, zoological and gardening products. Chełm ul. Okszowska 14 Details
AMBRA S.A. Sparkling wines, table wines, vermouths, cocktails, aromatized wines, cider and non-alcoholic beverages. Warszawa ul. Puławska 336 Details
AGRAM S.A. Frozen fruit: strawberry, raspberry, red & blackcurrant, sour cherries • Frozen vegetables: caulifl ower, broccoli, green beans, carrot, parsley, celery, leek • Frozen fruit and vegetables mixes in retail and industrial packages • Frozen fruit, vegetables and fruit and vegetables mixes packed under ‘AGRAM’ brand. Lublin Mełgiewska 104 Details
Enterprise Europe Network- Politechnika Lubelska Enterprise Europe Network jest międzynarodową siecią informacyjno-doradczą. Jej zadaniem jest wspieranie działalności innowacyjnej, zapewnienie lepszego dostępu do środków finansowych oraz świadczenie na poziomie regionalnym usług wsparcia dla biznesu, tak aby mógł on w większym stopniu korzystać z możliwości oferowanych przez jednolity rynek. Lublin Details