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Agencja Rozwoju Lokalnego Sp. z o.o. (EN: Local Development Agency LLC) is a training and consulting company which was set up in 2002. Recently, the core business of the company is the organization of study visits and trainings in various European countries, the United States and Canada. The company has an extensive experience in comprehensive organization of conferences, study visits in Poland and abroad and organizing visits of foreign individual business partners and journalists. We have executed contracts associated with the preparation and service of professional internships for young people for several years.

Products & Services: Organization of study visits, trips, trainings, conferences.
Contact details: +48 82 576 17 29 +48 82 576 17 29 Ms. Dorota Sawa-Niećko President Of The Board +48 512 304 381 Mr. Jakub Podgórski Junior Training Specialist +48 82 576 17 29
Sector: Nauka, edukacja i biotechnologia
Country: Poland
Place: ul. Rynek 7, 20-111 Lublin