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Cukierenka u Walentynki is a family - owned company which was founded as a result of long-term interest in the confectionery industry, which later became a passion of the founder Walentyna Jakoniuk. Our company is a modern confectionery plant specializing in the production of high-quality cakes, layer cakes, cookies. We have a modern agreeable building satisfying all European standards, equipped with the first-class modern bakery equipment. Our products are made according to own recipes of the business owner - Walentyna Jakoniuk. The taste and the look of the cakes need to meet the individual requirements of our customers. You won’t see products offered by our small cake shop at the exhibition because they are only baked if placed as individual orders, which guarantees freshness of our products.

Products & Services:  Production and sale of cakes, layer cakes, cookies.
Contact details: +48 517 162 160 Ms. Walentyna Jakoniuk Owner, Pastry Chef Champion +48 517 162 160 Ms. Aleksandra Jakoniuk Manager +48 512 575 823
Sector: Rolnictwo i przetwórstwo rolno-spożywcze
Country: Poland
Place: Biała Podlaska, ul. Górna 58a