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1.  Production of commercial vehicles HONKER CARGO (GVW by 3,5t and 4,6t ) of various body versions: cab-chassis, drop-side truck, container, vans, kombi, etc.
2.  Production of buses for 19 and 22 passengers.
3.  Production of off-road vehicles HONKER 4x4 (GVW by 3,5t ) for mining industry, geological investigations, energetics, forestry, agriculture, public safety agencies, municipal services, etc.
4.  Technical services: pressing, KTL coating, painting (spraying), thermally shaped, metal and plastic components, etc.

Products & Services: Commercial vehicles (GVW by 3,5 t and 4,6t ) – Honker Cargo Buses for 19 and 22 passengers – Honker Bus; Off -road vehicles 4WD (GVW by 3,5 t ) – Honker 4x4.
Contact details: +48 81 749 32 09, +48 81 749 32 76,
Sector: Maszyny, urządzenia, elektryka i automatyka
Country: Poland
Place: 20-952 Lublin, ul. Mełgiewska 7/9.