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The Game Changers

We deliver game-based training. We use experiential learning. Our workshops are designed to strengthen team identity and engagement. They develop out-of-the-box thinking, results-oriented communication and problem-solving skills. We inspire participants to achieve extraordinary teamwork and become more effective.

Products & Services: Why do we use experiential learning? This is essentially learning through experiences – we learn this way all through our lives. None of us generally just sits in a classroom or training room and listens to an expert if we want to master most skills, nor do we just research the theory of how to do things from a book, manual or online information source. This is specific form of learning, which is outlined in the work of David Kolb and best illustrated in the ‘Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle’ in the diagram below. It is a 4-stage process which oers the potential for learning from any experience that happens to us.
Contact details:
Sector: Nauka, edukacja i biotechnologia, Pozostałe branże, Sektor kreatywny, Usługi pozostałe
Country: Poland
Place: Lublin