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Infinite – established in 2002, is a leading producer and distributor of IT solutions for business integration. The company’s core activityis software development, including: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Infinite products are designed to optimize transactions among enterprises by automating trading relationships, which enables to gain the competitive edge and reduce operational costs. An extensive range of Infinite services has been already successfully delivered to more than 5 000 customers – small, medium and large enterprises, both locally and internationally.

Products & Services: Offered products/services: IT solutions for B2B integration including: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Sales Force Automation (SFA), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Technical Support
Contact details: +48 81 745 55 52 +48 81 748 54 05
Sector: IT/ ITC
Country: Poland
Place: Lublin. ul. Projektowa 1