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Lublin Music Theatre is a reputable cultural institution of Lublin founded in 1957. Its repertoire contains a lot of different kinds of stage genres: operas, musicals, operettas, ballets, concerts and musical staging of fairy tales for younger audience. The Theatre combines tradition with novelty, so almost every kind of audience finds here something valuable and joyful. The important part of our activity focuses on cooperation with Polish and foreign artistic institutions and individuals. Besides rich artistic content, the house and the people of the theatre create special ambience, which infects the people from the world politics or culture. Therefore, visiting Lublin Music Theatre is always a pleasure and of benefi t to art and the public sphere.

Products & Services: Theatrical plays, concerts.
Contact details: +48 81 532 76 13 +48 81 534 41 58 Mr. Krzysztof Kutarski Director +48 81 532 76 13 Mr. Piotr Wijatkowski Artistic Director +48 81 532 76 13 Mr. Paweł Majsiej Specialist Fundraising Coordinator +48 81 532 20 25
Sector: Sektor kreatywny
Country: Poland
Place: ul. Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej 5, 20-331 Lublin