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MIRPOL company cooperates with growers and breeders mostly in the field of agricultural production all over Poland. The company is an exclusive distributor of products based on humic acids, distributed under the brand HUMAC. Certificates issued for HUMAC products allow for their application in organic farming. The other activities of the company include domestic and foreign trade in agricultural commodities and fertilizers. Transportation is carried out by our own means of transport. The company also performs the shipment of parcels by international transport.

Products & Services: Product based on humic acids (humac argo, humac natur afm).
Contact details: +48 81 566 69 28, +48 81 566 69 28,
Sector: Handel hurtowy i detaliczny
Country: Poland
Place:  23-107 Strzyżewice, Strzyżewice 165 A