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Our offer includes: • Documentation required to obtain permission in terms of environmental protection; • Application documentation for obtaining integrated permits; • Application documentation for obtaining permits for emitting dusts and gases into the air; • Documentation needed to get a permit for producing dangerous waste and other ty pe of waste; • Documentation essential for obtaining a decision that authorizes managing of dangerous waste program; • Case studies documentation: • Environment affection report for existing and planned investment undertakings; • Water law statements for getting underground and surface waters; • Waste managing programs; • Overview of environmental installations.

Products & Services: Drafting and completing of documents required for environmental decision to be obtained, development case studies documents, measure of pollution, accredited services, others.
Contact details: +48 83 343 60 28 +48 83 343 60 28 Mr. Marian Kaliszuk Studio Manager +48 601 059 037 +48 83 343 60 28 Mr. Bartosz Kaliszuk Measurement Specialist +48 504 290 537
Sector: Nauka, edukacja i biotechnologia
Country: Poland
Place: ul. Kruczkowskiego 4, 21-500 Biała Podlaska