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The producer of such machines and equipment for the food industry as: plate and tubular pasteurizers for heat treatment in the flow, plate and tubular heaters and coolers, homogenizers, degassers, multiprocessors for the production of ketchup, colloidal mills, melting machines, ball mills for chocolate, CIP washing station equipment, belt and screw conveyors, single and multi-jacket tanks for processing and storing liquid products, plate and tubular heat exchangers for heating.

Products & Services: Machines and devices for food processing industry, food processing and industrial heat exchangers, stainless steel treatment.
Contact details: +48 81 517 22 81-85, +48 81 517 22 86,
Sector: Machinery, equipment, electrics and automation
Country: Poland
Place: 24-200 Bełżyce, ul. Fabryczna 2