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Zakład Wyrobów Betonowych Wojciech Trykacz is the private family-run company founded in 1968 by Edward Trykacz. Currently it is run by his son Wojciech Trykacz. The company has developed into the one of resilent concrete precast plants in South - Eastern Poland. We are a manufacturer of elements for sewage systems and concrete road elements. For many years, Zakład Wyrobów Betonowych Wojciech Trykacz has also been specialising in complex architectural realizations from natural stone. The company has all necessary experience and sufficient  knowledge of technical aspects to create the final outcome of natural stone work.

Products & Services: Concrete precast, stone elements: tiles, slabs, cut to size stones.
Contact details: +48 81 854 51 76, +48 81 854 51 76,
Sector: Przemysł chemiczny, farmaceutyczny i kosmetyczny
Country: Poland
Place: 21-100 Lubartów, Łukca 139