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Zrzeszenie Producentów Zbóż ‘AGRO’ in Telatyn is at present a group of 35 farm producers. The company operates on the market of cereal and focuses on buying cereal, which comes directly from farmers. Thanks to cooperation with trading companies, ZPZ ‘Agro’ may boast of the best quality of cereal in Poland, which significantly increases the company and farmers importance and prestige. Moreover, the group supplies farmers with means of agricultural production. Finally, the group organises many different kinds of meetings and courses, which are made to exchange experience and improve personal skills.

Products & Services: Cereal plants: wheat, barley.
Contact details: ul. jana pawła ii 11 22-652 telatyn +48 84 661 31 26 +48 84 661 39 33 Mr. Jacek Korytko Chairman Of The Board +48 606 244 003
Sector: Pozostałe branże
Country: Poland
Region: Lubelskie
Place: ul. Jana Pawła II 11 22-652 Telatyn